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80s chicken


Matt Smith


David Benjamin Sherry 

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Tadpole en gelée. 

Steamed 6 week old tadpole with basil and edible flowers in a tomato wine gelatin.



Orange Palace and a few experiments

Theo makes my soul go wooooooweeeeee

El Cariñito is a mexican restaurant located in the downtown of Querétaro, México that wanted us to evoke a laid-back marketplace atmosphere with hints of mexican kitsch elements in their logotype and in the restaurant branding. In order to represent a traditional culture without shout out clichés in every element, we focused on what defines a typical restaurant in town, besides the food, the higher colorful aesthetics that brings folk into a every detail of the eating experience.

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My daily mid-stretch crisis

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Back in school means lots and lots of new art.  This is for my comic storytelling class, where the first assignment was to capture the main plot points of a story and condense it down to nine panels.  I chose the Japanese folktale, Momotaro.

I’m excited to make more comics this semester (my last semester!!!).  It’ll be fun.

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Jun Cen, illustration for Hydrochloric #3 Skin, a zine curated by Daniel Zender, 2014


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Puffins! LátrabjargCliffs in Iceland

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